Executive Team

Malvern International Academy Singapore is helmed by accomplished and distinguished professionals who keep quality education stridently as their key mission. Executive team has this focus to ensure Singapore Academy is the leading education provider and operationalize the vision and mission.

Ritu Manchanda

General Manager


Master of Commerce

Ms. Ritu has over 25 years of experience in the education sector and has brought breadth and depth to the administration of many private institutions. She has personally liaised with reputable overseas universities for the last 15 years and has looked into areas such as on-boarding, accreditation, supervision and conduct of university programmes here in Singapore and abroad, both for the Malay/Muslim community and for the general market at large. She managed the Trinity of College London Programmes in Singapore, headed the Department of Accounting and EFL at FTMS and was the Academic Head at AEC Education Group. She worked as the Director of Studies at Cambridge School of Languages. She was the CEO of AEC Business School in Chennai, India where students were recruited for engineering programmes in Temasek Polytechnic. She worked as a Manager for JBS International College, an affiliate of Jamiyah Singapore, a non profit organization handling the ‘youth at risk programmes’.

She has worked closely with marketing heads to ensure that courses are pitched effectively to the target market. She is adept at managing stake holder expectations especially students and shareholders. She is also a lead auditor (ISO9001-2008). She is well regarded by CPE, Spring and by Case Trust.

She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Business Administration in the area of Quality Assurance in private education. She is continuously improving her knowledge and experience in managing larger schools and establishments. She is able to provide insight from within the Education Ministry and can assist in direction setting, strategy conception and corporate governance.

Mr. Yap has more than 28 years of working experiences in diverse scope of activities – from managing Education Institutions and Management Consultancy Companies to Engineering Product Development, Production and Inventions.
Prior to joining Malvern International Academy, Mr. Yap had previously held many other senior management appointments in managing Private Education Institutions and Colleges in Singapore – with illustrious expertise and knowledge in the following areas and responsibilities :-

  • Setting Directions, Mission & Vision for the college
  • Inculcate & promote the Values & Culture of the college
  • Strategic Planning, Internal Reviews & Management Reviews
  • Functioning of the Operations, Administration, HR & Academic matters
  • Management of Academic Resources, Facilities & Infrastructures
  • Development & Collaboration with External Academic Partners
  • Handling Feedback & Complaints, Mediation & Dispute Resolution
  • Selection, Management & Monitoring of Student Recruitment Agents
  • Overseeing Student Enrolment, Student Contracts & Administration
  • Installing Proper Student Support Services and Engagement Structures
  • Curriculum Design, Development & Review, Planning and Delivery
  • Staff training, development & deployment
  • Collection and analysis of critical data for continuous improvements
  • Full compliance to the requirements & regulations stipulated by the relevant authorities

Mr. Yap is very self-driven, believing in: “Together, we can do it and do it WELL !”.

Paul Yap

Head of Academics


B.Sc (Computer Science) from National University of Singapore (NUS, 1987), Graduate Diploma in Marketing from Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS, 1989)

Shereen Tho

Head of HR, Finance and Services

Ms Shereen Tho has been with the organization for more than 16 years now.  She helmed the Finance portfolio for the organization as well as its subsidiaries for most part of her service. Over the last 2 years she has taken on increased responsibilities, overseeing the Human Resource and Administration at Malvern International Academy (Formerly known as AEC College).

As a key person in the organization,  Shereen handles all operational accounting aspects which includes managing company accounts, financial movements aligned to corporate governance, monitoring manpower needs, human resource management and various related functions. She also supports top management in strategic planning and charting operational plans for the organization.

Dr Sam Malafeh, PhD in Economics – The University of Auckland, New Zealand, is an innovative and results-driven leader in education focused on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive environment. Sam has proven track record of building a strong team to deliver quality education. He is experienced in driving quality operation, process, and customer service improvements while building partnerships with key business decision-makers. Sam is passionate about education and believes in empowering people, whether they are students, academics, colleagues or other individuals.

In his previous role as the Chief Executive Officer of a New Zealand education provider, Sam has led the five schools operating in the group to offer education for employment and enterprise.The schools were repeatedly rated highly by New Zealand Qualifications Authority. They are known as schools with exceptional support to students, maintaining the integrity, high quality delivery and high employment outcomes for graduates.

Dr Malafeh is delighted to be part of an international high performance company as Malvern International, formerly known as AEC.  With the new strategy, Malvern is improving its systems and processes, and team up with highly qualified and experienced peole to enhance the ultimate learning experience. As a Global Leader in Quality Education, Malvern is responsible in empowering individuals to lead the future workforce and industries.

Dr. Sam Malafeh

Director and Deputy CEO


Ph. D. in Economics, University of Auckland, New Zealand