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Living In Singapore

Because of its size, Singapore is sometimes nicknamed “The Little Red Dot”. Despite being one of the smallest countries in the world, Singapore is a major force on the economic stage. Singapore is essentially a city-island, well known to be cosmopolitan with a multi-cultural heritage made up of 4 ethnic groups, Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians, all with a strong unified Singaporean identity. Over the years, this multi-cultural environment has been added to by expatriates living and working in Singapore, each bringing their own traditions and culture.

Singapore’s excellent geographical position makes it an ideal base to visit Asia and it is easy to explore Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, China or India (all no more than a 5-6 hour flight away).

Singapore is highly urbanised due to the lack of landspace. Its skycrapers make up the famous skyline. Despite this, Singapore also boasts a thriving ecosystem of nature and wildlife, rainforests, wetlands and nature reserves are all easily accessible. A good way to discover Singapore history is through the heritage trails on the island, taking you to historical monuments and sites.

For those of you favouring city sights, the bright lights of Singapore are for you! You can choose from many of its shopping malls, museums and dining, along a thriving arts and cultural scene. The nightlife is varied with themed nightclubs, clubs (on an enormous scale!), live music bars, pubs and beach bars. Singapore is also a food-lover paradise and the hardest thing to do will be to choose which cuisine (Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan ) you want to try first.

If sports are what you enjoy, there is plenty to suit all students. World-class facilities cater for all kinds of sports, even winter sports (despite a tropical climate!). The sunny and hot climate means that outdoor pursuits such as wakeboarding, windsurfing, and dragonboat racing can be done year-round (except during monsoon seasons).


Sunny with a chance of rain, 365 days a year. Temperature range is 27-35 degrees, 80~100% humidity. Sun rises at 6.45AM and sets about 7 daily. Singapore also boasts insane concentration of cool shopping centres thus there’s an alternate weather system of 24 degrees indoors. All transport (buses/trains/taxis) have air conditioning in them and temperatures can be pretty cold inside.


24hrs convenience for any budget. Your lunch varies from SGD$2 (Hawker food) – SGD$50 (restaurants) depending on where you eat it. You have 24hr everything. Cooked food, Movies, body massage, drinks, supermarkets,gyms etc… EVERYTHING you need is 24hrs. Need Macdonalds at 4AM? Just call them and they deliver. You never need to cook a meal ever.


Most locals below the age of 40 speaks English due to our education system. The older generation speaks several languages including English but a rare few don’t, my grandpa is 78 and speaks only English/Hokkien and not mandarin. There are a lot of people from around asia working in Singapore that don’t speak English (or minimal English) they usually interact with locals either in chinese or malay. There’s a special version of english call Singlish which mixes in the local languages and throws sentence structure into the wind. It’s messy and beautiful at the same time. A language that born out of multi-racial integration. Singaporeans will switch in-out of it and usually not use it when communicating with foreigners (this includes regional non-locals like China/Indonesia/Thailand/Philippines, it’s just exclusive to Singapore).


Best security (maybe false sense of security) worldwide. Singapore has extremely low petty crime rate however it still happens so keep your stuff. Streets are safe and extremely well lit (high light pollution levels). Police arrive under 10 mins. Singapore employs Gurkha for riot control, nobody wants to mess with them. Also all Singaporean men serve 2 years of military service. 


Public transport is cheap, dirt cheap. Taxis are extremely reasonable when compared elsewhere. Taking a cab from the airport on the east side of the country to the west side (Jurong) would cost approx SGD$40. Uber and Grab are there for hailing taxis.