Malvern’s English Language Courses



How good is your spoken English? Can you say and understand very little, or a great deal, or are you ‘in-between’ struggling along, although no longer a beginner?

The Spoken English as a Foreign or Second Language offered by Malvern Language Center has something for everybody regardless of which level you are in. The courses conducted at the Center are like milestones or kilometer stones along the road from complete inability to ability to speak fluently.

Target audience

Learners with English at an ABC and starter level.


This course is available at five levels:

Level 1   : Starter

Level 2 :  Elementary 1

Level 3 : Elementary 2

Level 4 : Intermediate 1

Level 5 : Intermediate 2


Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the intermediate 2 course, the learners will:

  • feel confident in approaching all types of spoken English situations and tasks .
  • Speak clearly and confidently.
  • Understand Spoken English across a range of contexts and accents.



The duration for each level is 20 hours of face to face content and 10 hours of additional blended tasks to work on outside the classroom.



Our interactive lessons include:

  • Language games
  • Role-plays
  • Group discussions
  • Dialogue practice



Course materials are provided.

Course Syllabus



  1. Greetings
  2. Introduce yourself
  3. Introducing People around you
  4. Identifying Things and People
  5. Asking and Giving Information
  6. Making simple sentences
  7. Number and Counting
  8. Talking about your Family
  9. Talking about your favorite things
  10. Talking about Here and Now
  11. Describing People
  12. Describing your Feelings


Elementary Level (1)


  1. Telling the Time
  2. Talking about the Past
  3. Talking about the Future
  4. Expressing Likes and Dislikes
  5. Use of Contractions
  6. ‘Short Questions and Answers
  7. Closing a conversation
  8. Expressing Thanks
  9. Shopping
  10. At a store
  11. Describing a scene
  12. Talking about various occupations





Elementary (2)

  1. Encouraging words
  2. Buying and selling
  3. Making Suggestions
  4. Making Plans for the Weekends
  5. Asking for favours
  6. Asking for Repetition
  7. Making a Request
  8. Asking and Giving advice
  9. Talking about abilities
  10. Expressing Possibilities
  11. Talking about Locations
  12. Asking and Giving Directions


Intermediate (1)


  1. Asking about a Place/Location
  2. Describing
  3. Use of Would/Like or Be
  4. Use of Comparisons
  5. Expressions of Time
  6. Use of Count and Uncountable nouns
  7. Measure words
  8. Telephone Talk
  9. Use of Narrations
  10. Conversation Starters
  11. Rejoinders
  12. Giving Opinions



Intermediate (2)

  1. Agreeing and Disagreeing
  2. Asking for details
  3. Asking for Permission
  4. Sequencing
  5. Speaking Hypothetically
  6. Discussing sensitive topics
  7. Accepting and Refusing
  8. Tag Questions
  9. Contrasting/Classifying/Discussing/Elaborating and Clarifying
  10. Interrupting
  11. Giving instructions
  12. Making a point



Top of Form

Bottom of Form



Students will be assessed under the following headings such as:

  • Understanding
  • Intelligibility
  • Fluency
  • Accuracy
  • Appropriateness of Language and
  • Readiness


Award of Certificate

A Certificate of Attendance will be given on completion of each level of the course.

Time Table & Course Fees

Batch Frequency Start Date End Date Time Fee
BEGN001 Every Monday 6 Feb 10 April 7pm -9pm $230
BEGN002 Every Monday 20 Feb 24 April 7pm -9pm $230
BEGN003 Every Monday 20 Mar 29 May 7pm -9pm $230
BEGN004 Every Monday 10 April 19 Jun 7pm -9pm $230
BEGN005 Every Monday 15 May 24 Jul 7pm -9pm $230
BEGN006 Every Monday 19 Jun 18 Aug 7pm -9pm $230
BEGN007 Every Monday 17 Jul 18 Sept 7pm -9pm $230
BEGN008 Every Monday 21 Aug 23 Oct 7pm -9pm $230
BEGN009 Every Monday 18 Sept 20 Nov 7pm -9pm $230
BEGN010 Every Monday 16 Oct 18 Dec 7pm -9pm $230



Payment Method in Full

By Cheque


Nets/Credit Card


Payment Method using SkillsFuture Credits

Option 1

Payment to Skills Future to MLC


Option 2

Pay First to MLC and then claim from Skills Future Credit