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School Rules and Regulations - Malvern International Academy Singapore

School Rules and Regulations

Every student has the right to expect a conducive teaching and learning environment. Likewise, every student has the responsibility to contribute to that environment.

A student must not commit a disciplinary offence. Disciplinary Offence includes, but is not limited to:

  • academic misconduct eg cheating or dishonesty in exams
  • insubordination to lecturers and other staff of the school
  • littering
  • fighting
  • theft
  • vandalism, destruction or damage to the Academy’s property
  • smoking within campus
  • the possession of dangerous weapons
  • the possession or consumption of drugs or alcohol or intoxicating substance (as defined bythe Intoxicating Substances Act).
  • The school reserves the right to confiscate any items that are prohibited.

The Academy shall carry out an investigation if there is a complaint of inappropriate behaviour and misconduct of students and appropriate disciplinary action shall be meted out, if students are found to be guilty.


Students shall be respectful in attitude and manner to people and property.


Students are to work diligently not only on assigned daily class work, homework, projects and other assignments but also have regular self-revision in order to ensure quality work is produced.


Ensure the classroom and Academy’s facilities used is clean after use. Maintain highest standards of cleanliness at all times on the Academy’s premises. Cleanliness includes the maintenance of the immediate surrounding areas.

Take good care of school properties and premises. Cost of replacement for vandalized items will be borne by student(s) responsible for the damage.

Food and all sweet drinks are NOT to be consumed in the classrooms.

Mobile phones shall not be used during on-going classes and must be switched off or placed in silent mode at all times in the classroom.


Student’s Pass holders are required to adhere to Singapore laws, local rules and regulations.Students must not be a student of any other educational organisation(s) or undertake course(s) other than that stated  on the Student’s Pass.