Student Learning and Support Services

The Student Support Services (SSS) and Operations team provides assistance to students to ensure their stay here with us is enjoyable and to make their learning effective.

The SSS and Operations team is responsible for all students enrolled for the duration of their studies and the key feature of their work is orienting these students in areas such as the enrolment process, administrative procedures in terms of progression, transfer, withdrawal, cancellation and termination. The team also undertakes to familiarize students with the campus, support and assist them in making new friends as well as ensure that they are aware of the laws of Singapore. Career planning is also conducted by the Academic Head.

The Programme Manager acts as a student mentor and provides guidance and assistance to students who may face problems during the course of their studies. Issues relating to health and performance are taken up at the first instance by the Academic Head before seeking external help for further pastoral counselling.

The SSS team works closely with the Academic Department and the Quality Assurance Department to ensure the needs of students in terms of proficiency in the English language and their feedbacks and concerns are being addressed.

Students can access various forms for their use in the website by clicking the icon for Students, choosing the Forms heading and clicking on either the “Prospective” or “Current” categories.

System for Student Support Services

Service provided by SSS and Operations
Area Description
Facilities and Infrastructure 5  air-conditioned classrooms
Computer room (in progress)
Wireless internet access
Maintenance of air conditioners
Regular cleaning of classrooms and study areas
Regular servicing of projectors and laptops
Study areas
Food and beverage (vending machines etc)
Enrolment and Admission Pre Course Counselling and student Handbook
Processing of Course Application
Orientation for New enrolled students
Student Protection   Purchase of FPS
Medical Insurance Scheme

Minimum features/coverage for medical insurance (may be group or individual):
Annual limit not less than S$20,000.00 per student
At least B2 ward (in  government  and  restructured hospitals)
24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in school-related activities)
Students are given an original copy of the medical insurance policy stating clearly the policy’s terms and conditions, the claim procedure, any exclusion, etc.

Academic Support Transfer and Withdrawal of Course
Deferment of course
Refund of Course Fees
Dispute resolution
Feedback Management
Monitoring of Attendance and Counselling
Service provided by Academic Department
Course Induction/ Post Course Counselling and programme Handbook
Academic performance and Counselling
Advise on the writing of assignments and the interpretation of data
Feedback via email or skype
Student Activities
English Class for weaker students
Pastoral Counselling
Service provided by QA Department
General Support General Enquiries
Feedback and Suggestion Scheme