Lim Puay Hian (Ian)

About Lim Puay Hian (Ian)


Ian holds a Master degree in Accounting and Financial Management from the University of Gloucestershire (UK), he is also a Fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK), a Chartered Accountant of Malaysia and a Certified Financial Planner.

Ian began his career in auditing with a medium size professional firm where he gained valuable professional and commercial experience even before completing the ACCA

Ian’s flair for teaching sparked in 1999 when he joined one of the colleges conferred ACCA Premier Status in Malaysia as a lecturer to teach accounting, financial management and management accounting subjects. His commitment and dedication towards teaching enabled him to gain popularity amongst students who undeniably rate him as one of their favourites! Ian was appointed as the Head of Professional Studies to manage the operations of the ACCA programme. This strengthened his profile further as he had to cope with several challenges to ensure the co-ordination and growth of the programme successfully.

Ian specialises in financial management and management accounting subjects for both ACCA & ISCA Professional Examination programmes. He is currently teaching Papers F5, F9, P5 for ACCA and Financial Management for ISCA Professional Examination. He understands students’ needs well and his exposure to the education industry has led to him to embark upon teaching opportunities in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Brunei and Africa. Besides, Ian also conducted ACCA exam techniques workshop and CPD workshop in Brunei. Ian also acts as a mentor for OBU projects, to date he has successfully guided ALL his projects’ students in achieving the B.Sc in Applied Accountancy.

Ian’s simple techniques of teaching and organised way in explanation have enabled students to grasp the most difficult aspects of financial management and management accounting theory without any cumbersome.

His high level of tolerance, patience, diligence and hard work has enabled him to sustain in the teaching industry for the past 15 years and turnover every threat into an opportunity.

Singapore placing since Dec 2007:
Dec 2007P51st Placing
F91st Placing
June 2008F52nd Placing
F92nd Placing
P51st and 3rd Placing
Dec 2008P51st & 3rd Placing (x2)
June 2009F53rd Placing
Dec 2009P53rd Placing
June 2010F91st Placing (x2)
P51st, 2nd & 3rd Placing
Dec 2010P52nd Placing
June 2011F53rd Placing
P53rd Placing
Dec 2011F91st Placing
F93rd Placing
P53rd Placing
Dec 2012F92nd Placing
June 2013F51st Placing
F93rd Placing
P53rd Placing
Dec 2013F53rd Placing
June 2014F51st & 2nd Placing
Dec 2014F93rd Placing
June 2015F52nd Placing
F91st Placing
Dec 2015F52nd Placing
F92nd & 3rd Placing