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Winning Ways in Successful Negotiations


The course will give your participants a sense of understanding their opponent and have the confidence to not settle for less than they feel is fair. Your participants will learn that an atmosphere of respect is essential, as uneven negations could lead to problems in the future.

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Identify three negotiation objectives and two negotiation outcomes
  • Identify goals, interest and viewpoints of all parties
  • Explain what to discuss prior to negotiation outcomes
  • Explain what are the factors to recognize before negotiation
  • Explain three roles and two responsibilities of participants in a negotiation team
  • Prepare and produce two background information relating to negotiation
  • Prepare and produce two relevant precedents relating to negotiation
  • Apply three skills in negotiation Describe any two methods of resolving conflicts
  • Prepare and produce two documents for negotiation
  • Demonstrate the ability to write minutes of a meeting effectively.


Course Outline

Upon completion of this module, the learners will be able to use the competency to perform better at the negotiating table. More positive outcomes will be gained from each negotiation meetings.

  • Identify negotiations outcomes in commercial situations to establish organisation’s desired position in the negotiation
  • Identify roles and responsibilities needed to support negotiation objectives
  • prepare relevant background information to understand other partie’s position
  • Use negotiation processes and techniques to assist in achieving desired negotiation outcomes
  • Record negotiations for evaluation and documentation purposes
Delivery MethodLecture / Facilitation
Commencement DateFeb 18, Apr 8, 10 Jun, 12 Aug, 14 Oct, 9 Dec
Course Duration2 Days
Time TableFebruary, April, June, August, October, December
Course Fees$535 excluding registration and GST
Payment ModeCash, Cheque, Nets, Paypal
Assessment MethodsOral and Written Assignment
WDA Grading CriteriaCompetency
Assessment Date4 Mar, 22 Apr, 24 Jun, 26 Aug, 28 Oct, 23 Dec
WSQ Certificate Of Competency Award Date5 May,23 Jun, 25 Aug, 27 Oct, Feb 24 2017